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SOMOS® PERFOAMER is the system for producing physically foamed plastics parts using the „PLASTINUM® Foam Injection Molding“ method jointly developed with ProTec’s partners Linde and Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid (KIMW).



SOMOS® PERFOAMER is an auxiliary unit for new or existing injection molding machines from any manufacturer. No costly retrofits to the machines are required, just the addition of a shut-off nozzle. A screw position controller and a gas-tight design of the mold are also advisable.



SOMOS® PERFOAMER may be used for physically foaming any polymers which can be impregnated with gaseous CO2.



SOMOS® PERFOAMER maintains uniform quality of the gas-polymer mixture it produces during processing, so enabling series production of consistent quality plastics parts.



Built-in flexibility - if need be a number of injection molding machines can be connected to a single SOMOS® PERFOAMER unit.



If required, our partner KIMW can offer consultancy about the physical foaming process.


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