SOMOS® stationary resin dryers

SOMOS® RDF stationary drying systems for moderate throughputs


The SOMOS® RDF dryer is used for drying hygroscopic polymer pellets. It consists of compact RDF modules which can be flexibly combined, are capable of autonomous operation and have drying capacities of 10 kg/h to 250 kg/h per module.

Compact – flexible – economic

Depending on the required throughput, the modular stationary RDF (Resin Dryer Flexible) drying system can be made up of a number of independently operating drying modules. Components are available with capacities of between 30 and 600 liters, each one being individually controllable by its own controller. Alternatively, when interconnected, they can be controlled using a common operator control unit. As standard, they offer drying temperatures of 60°C to 140°C and high-temperature variants for up to 180°C are also available. Each module has an integrated air generator, so ruling out complete failure, as may occur with a centrally supplied drying system..

Installation requires little space and effort as the modules are compact and, in comparison with a central drying system, do not require extensive supply and return air piping. The RDF modular drying system also saves energy because only the components which are actually required are operated. If requirements change, modules can be simply added or removed.

Like the tried and trusted mobile SOMOS RDM series resin dryers, the RDF modules also have an Industry 4.0-capable PLC controller capable of storing up to 200 formulations. They have their own dry air generators and also provide various smart energy-saving systems: drying air volume is automatically adapted to actual throughput while regeneration cycles are controlled on the basis of the actual water content of the pellets.

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