SOMOS® mobile resin dryers

RDM mobile dryers for moderate throughputs

Functional Principle

SOMOS® RDM-10/30 to RDM-140/400 mobile dryers are designed for drying highly flowable, hygroscopic polymer pellets and regrind. They can be used flexibly as auxiliary units for supplying processing machines for moderate throughputs which is a particular advantage for frequent material changes. Optimum air distribution in the material being dried ensures uniform drying results.
The mobile dryers, with their attractive, functional design, consist of a dry air generator and an insulated stainless steel drying bin. They are optionally available with an integral dry air conveying unit for automatically feeding the processing machine. The dry air generator uses the SOMOS® single chamber system making highly efficient use of desiccant. As a result, the desiccant can be regenerated quickly and energy-efficiently, providing cost benefits for the processor.


Automated, energy-efficient operation

RDM dryers are equipped with energy-saving technologies which automatically respond to changes in ongoing operation: drying air throughput is adapted to the current material throughput, while desiccant regeneration is adapted to the actual water content of the polymer pellets to be dried. The drying bin geometry optimized for the material flow results in a uniform, tight residence time distribution of the material being dried and thus in consistent dried material characteristics. Having five graduated sizes of drying bin with an effective volume of 30 l to 400 l and an appropriately adapted drying air throughput of 10 m³/h to 140 m³/h, the dryers are capable of flexibly pre-processing a volume of material suited to the processing machine's throughput right by the machine.
The dryers are tailored to handle moderate throughputs of 5 kg/h to 150 kg/h. Drying temperatures of 60°C to 140°C at a drying air dew point temperature up to -40°C are standard. A high-performance, user-friendly PLC-based SOMOS® control/smart touchscreen controller monitors, controls and logs all dryer functions. Thanks to its numerous interfaces, the controller is Industry 4.0 capable.



  • Integrated dry air conveying (no conveyor necessary on the processing machine, material not remoistened)
  • High-temperature version for up to 180°C
  • Low-temperature version for drying temperatures of < 60°C
  • Dew point sensor
  • Condensate separator for critical/contaminated polymers
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