SOMOS® Volmix

Volumetric dosing

Functional principle

SOMOS® Volmix from ProTec is a highly accurate volumetric dosing and mixing system. Volmix stands for VOLumetric dosing and MIXing. The system supplies injection molding machines as well as extruders or blow molding machines with throughputs of up to 2,500 kg/h. A high-accuracy small-volume dosing unit for regrind for a throughput as low as 150 g/h is available as an option.

This smart dosing technology can be retrofitted to Industry 4.0 requirements and is available in three models: Volmix E, Volmix M and Volmix M2000. Each model is designed to handle up to nine metered components and, depending on the version, can accurately process pellets, powders and regrind. Thanks to their modular design, expansion by one or more components is straightforward.

ProTec uses the same technology for all volumetric and also all gravimetric dosing units, so upgrading from volumetric to gravimetric dosing is inexpensive and flexible with all components being reused. A PLC-based touchscreen controller with a graphical user interface ensures user-friendly operation. The servo dosing drives cover a wide control range (up to 1:1,000), so reducing dosing screw changes and thus minimizing line stoppages and production downtime.



  • High-temperature version for up to 160°C
  • Automatic filling
  • Regrind version
  • Powder version for individual components
  • Water-cooled inlet for thermally sensitive materials
  • PLC-based basic controller (MH45) with touch operation
  • PLC-based plus controller (S7) with touch operation
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