Volumetric dosing with ProTec systems

Functional principle

In volumetric dosing, material is discharged solely on a volume basis by adjusting the speed of the dosing element, the bulk material present in a material storage bin being supplied to the process. The volume of material to be metered, after calibration to the material's particular bulk density, is adjusted via the speed of the dosing screw or the number of dosing chambers.

If there are changes in individual product properties, such as bulk density or grain size, the product characteristic must be redetermined and adjusted (calibration), since such changes cannot be automatically compensated. Advantages of volumetric systems include excellent dosing accuracy subject to careful calibration, compactness and low price.

SOMOS® Volmix

Volumetric dosing

SOMOS® Volmix from ProTec is a highly accurate volumetric dosing and mixing system. Volmix stands for VOLumetric dosing and MIXing. The system supplies injection molding machines as well as extruders or blow molding machines with throughputs of up to...

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SOMOS® Volmix MH15

Volumetric single component dosing

The SOMOS® Volmix MH15 volumetric small-volume dosing unit continuously and highly accurately meters granular or pulverulent minor components (masterbatches, additives etc.) into a freely inflowing major component (pellets). A dosing screw introduces even tiny volumes into...

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