SOMOS® Batchmix

Gravimetric batch dosing units for high accuracy and reproducibility


SOMOS® Batchmix batch dosing units are available in 14 sizes for producing homogeneous multicomponent mixtures at throughputs of 5 to 3,000 kg/h. Specially developed high-accuracy dosing units ensure consistently precise results.


Modular structure means versatility

The SOMOS® Batchmix series gravimetric batch dosing units have a flexible, modular structure: the smallest unit is equipped with 4 dosing components while, depending on size, other models can handle up to 12 flowable materials. They supply downstream processing machinery, such as extruders and injection molding machines, with readily flowable material mixtures consisting of pellets and regrinds. The modular structure of the unit means that, depending on size, up to 2 additional materials (secondary components) can be handled and incorporated.


High-performance touchscreen controller

An integral touchscreen controller with graphical user interface ensures intuitive operation and parameter setting for the unit and, thanks to open field bus protocols, integration into a higher-level control system is possible. Retrofittable option packages further extend functionality. For example, extruders and film haul-off controls can be integrated into the controller.


Option and application packages

Additional option and application packages extend the functionality and range of application of the Batchmix units. We offer custom solutions for special applications, such as poorly flowable regrinds and similar requirements.

  • High-temperature version (up to 130°C)
  • Set-up and installation (machine adapters, mounting frames, additive dosing units)
  • Filling (mounting plates, conveyors, air filters, vacuum compressors, installation kits)
  • Emptying (shutoff fittings, rapid emptying devices, suction boxes)
  • Extrusion and film haul-off controls (hardware and software)
  • Handling of poorly flowable regrinds (material loosening units)
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