Automatic and fast material feeding


The new SOMOS® CONRADT conveyor is smaller and lighter than previous units. Modular in structure, it consists of few components which are very quick to assemble. Working by the Venturi principle, it was specifically developed for conveying masterbatches and free-flowing pellets. Ideally suited to dosing and weighing applications.




Simple control

The integrated controller allows conveying time and fault tolerance to be set: the number of incorrect charges until the unit trips an alarm is selectable, so ensuring reliable operation.


Optimized process control and monitoring

The newly designed controller ensures reliable process control. Process status is clearly indicated by the LED ring display.


Durable and robust

The updated design means simple installation (adapter flange with bayonet closure) and commissioning.


Impressive product range

Compact in size with a 1 liter bin, it can provide material throughputs of up to 25 kg/h over a vertical distance of 3 m while its light weight of 1.2 kg makes it easy to handle.



Included accessories: conveying hose (3 m) made of polymer, stainless steel suction lance, silencer, adapter flange with clamping ring and air filter, power supply cable with adapter.

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