Smart solutions for materials handling

Combining performance and energy efficiency

Our materials handling range includes flexible and energy-efficient machines and systems for processing flowable bulk polymer materials. Smart, Industry 4.0 capable SOMOS® conveying, drying, dosing and mixing components are in service both as individual machines and as complete lines for all conventional types of plastics processing. These high-performance machines share a common technology base. Their outstanding feature is their great flexibility due to a modular design which means that they can easily be adapted to a particular production setting. Our engineering expertise means we can meet your demanding requirements for the quality and reliability of SOMOS® systems.

Smart dosing and mixing technology

Accurate dosing and mixing of components are vital to the production of high-quality material mixtures. The latest smart systems are essential for reproducibly producing a uniform material mixture which complies with its formulation.

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Dryers and drying systems

SOMOS® high-performance drying systems meet many different material-specific requirements. They are perfectly tailored to each application, whether as individual units or complete systems, for small throughputs from a few kg/h up to very large throughputs of over 1,000 kg/h. Material-specific drying processes ensure a high-quality final product.

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Efficient conveyors and conveying systems

ProTec's SOMOS® high-performance conveyors and conveying systems are designed for flowable and dusty bulk materials in the plastics, rubber, recycling, foodstuffs, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. They automatically, reliably and efficiently feed bins, balances, mixers, dosing units, drying systems and processing machinery.

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Physical foaming

SOMOS® PERFOAMER enables plastics processors to enjoy the benefits of the innovative "PLASTINUM® Foam Injection Moulding" process for the first time in industrial injection molding.

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System solutions with engineering know-how

ProTec designs complete bespoke system solutions. Complete materials handling solutions extend from the technical equipment for the raw materials store to the connection to the processing machine. Our engineering know-how ensures your success.

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