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  • Mechanical engineering is subject to constant change. Many factors change. A very important aspect of this worldwide development is service. We can be on site quickly, have very good and experienced employees, a dense supply network and a large number of clearly defined services.

  • Service is the heart of ProTec. Not only because we take your questions and concerns very seriously. We have very good and experienced service staff worldwide, both for telephone support and at your site.

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Inspection and maintenance - preventive and safe

Benefit from our know-how and use the wealth of experience of our technicians. We maintain the functionality of your machine and identify problems at an early stage.
Rely on preventive maintenance and proactive service. With our service contracts, you can regulate the individual maintenance requirements of your systems in an uncomplicated and permanent manner. Our service consultants work with you to clarify the inspection and maintenance requirements and recommend suitable services and intervals.



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Plant expansions and modernizations

  • For systems that have been in use for many years, technical progress often means a loss of efficiency and thus profitability. Therefore, retrofitting, upgrading hardware and software or conversions for existing systems make sense. Obsolete or worn components are replaced by further developments. If there are new guidelines or requirements, we can retrofit them for you on request. We overhaul your system on request!

  • We modernize, expand and change for your benefit!

  • We bring your machines up to date with the latest technological standards. Lower investment costs than for a new machine and less personnel training are just two of the convincing arguments.
    This increases the service life and profitability of your production, among other things through minimized downtimes. We ensure the functionality of your system for a long time. An update of the documentation facilitates and shortens future maintenance and service work.

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With our repairs you ensure the availability of your systems and machines. We'll get you the parts and technical support you need as quickly as possible. Obsolete or worn components are replaced by further developments. This is how we ensure that the system will operate for many years.




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Training and commissioning

If there is an additional need to train the employees for situations such as the first production run or the retrofitting of system components, we can be on site for you for production support and optimization. For individual solutions to specific tasks, ProTec provides your qualified employees with building-up and in-depth knowledge on the subject of automation. In general, we offer customer-specific advanced training courses for all ProTec systems, which give your staff the expert knowledge they need.




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