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            Materials treatment

            Reproducibly boosting product quality

            Materials treatment with ProTec's tumble reactor

            ProTec designs and supplies innovative solid-state polymer post-condensation lines and complete PET bottle flake recycling lines. The batch tumble reactor which combines homogeneous mixing with short processing times is the keystone of the line. The IV value (intrinsic viscosity as a yardstick for molar mass) of polyesters (PET, PBT, PTT etc.) and of polyamides (PA6, PA66 etc.) can be purposefully increased by precise control of temperature, vacuum and processing time, with or without defined addition of auxiliaries.

            The tumble reactor can likewise be used for drying sensitive polymer pellets and granular products in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry. Thanks to its design, the drying temperature can be higher than with double-walled bins, so cutting drying times.

            Polyamide/polyester treatment

            Solid-state post-condensation

            Solid-state post-condensation of polyamides and polyesters is an effective way of obtaining high-quality starting materials for producing high-strength engineering fibers, tire cord etc. The process involves increasing the molar mass (intrinsic viscosity (IV)) of the pellets to the desired value while simultaneously efficiently stripping out volatile impurities (decontamination).

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            RZ01_PT-041_PC-03_B MedRes

            PET recyclingwith no reduction in quality

            ProTec offers bespoke plant engineering for the entire "bottle-to-bottle" recycling process: from washed PET flake to rPET pellets in virgin material quality which can be reused to produce PET bottles, so adding value.

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